Lisa Factora-Borchers is a Filipina American writer, poet, and editor of Dear Sister: Letters from Survivors of Sexual Violence.  Lisa is a long time contributor and editor with feminist publication make/shift magazine and has also worked as a nonfiction editor with Literary Mama.  Her work can also be found in online publications such as Refinery 29In The Fray, TruthOut, The Feminist Wire, and Bitch magazines.  Her work in spirituality, racism, and sexual violence has been cited in academic texts, poetry anthologized in Verses Against Haiyan: A Storm of Filipino Poets, and her newest prose is anthologized in forthcoming Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines (PM Press).  Lisa has been bestowed titles such as “Revolutionary Poet” by Left Turn magazine and included in the “New Feminist School” list of feminists to follow by the Squeezed Between Feminisms blog.

Lisa received a Bachelors degree in English from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio and a joint masters degree in Counseling Psychology and Pastoral Ministry from Boston College.  Her workshops, retreats, and forums centralize on feminism, spirituality, transformative listening, and sustainable, everyday activism.

Lisa is currently studying in the MFA creative writing program at Columbia University.  Her past scribbles about feminism & everyday living can be found at: http://www.MyEcdysis.com. She lives in New York City with her partner and their two children.

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