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Editor, Dear Sister: Letters from Survivors of Sexual Violence (AK Press, 2014)



Burn It Down: Women Writing Anger (Seal Press, 2019)

Feminisms in Motion (AK Press, 2018)

Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines (PM Press, 2016)

Verses Yolanda: A Storm of Filipino Poets (Pawa Press, 2014)



Bring Voices Across Oceans: On Grace Talusan’s THE BODY PAPERS

The Millions, September 2019


Becoming a Map for Survival: A Conversation with Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Guernica Magazine, June 2019


What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About: A Conversation with Michele Filgate

Adroit Journal, May 2019


A Wintered Heart

Mutha Magazine, April 2018


The First of Many: A Roundtable with Lisa Lucas, Jamia Wilson, Kima Jones

Bitch Media, Spring 2018


Reigning from the Ground: The Gravity of Soledad O’Brien

Bitch Media, February 2018


A Divided State: A Roundtable on Feminist Spirituality

Bitch Media, Winter 2017


The Fragility of Safety: Beyond the Promise of #MeToo

Bitch Media, December 2017


Series: Feminists United to Combat Kakistocracy in Trump Times (FUCKITT List)

Bitch Media, March – November 2017


“Don’t Be the Lone Shark: Feminism & Parenting”

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“The Price is Not Trivial: Parenting and Spiritual Consequences,”

NewWoman, NewChurch, Spring 2017


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“Balikbayan,” Verses for Yolanda: A Storm of Filipino Poets, Meritage Press March 2014



“Payatas” on canvas.  “Crisis and Response” gallery mounted at Jamaica Plain Open Studios sponsored by Red Sun Press, September 2011

“Motherland” on digital canvas. “Polyphonic Feminisms in Concert” gallery at The Scholar and Feminist Online, Barnard Center for Research on Women, Summer 2010