Cleveland Launch for Dear Sister Anthology!

Dear Sister Launch Party Invitation

I’m pretty pumped.   Not only is Cleveland my base right now, but it also provided the soundtrack as I edited this powerful anthology with 51 contributors from all over the world.  Over the past three years that it took to complete the call for submission, editing, the book proposal, more editing, and now publication — local cases exploded onto the media that reminded me why I was doing the anthology in the first place.

Cleveland is a special place in my heart.  Ohio’s the home of three international cases of violence against women.  Look them up if you haven’t heard of them.  Steubenville, Ariel Castro, and Anthony Sowell.  These cases were forever in the backdrop of my mind as I worked on this book.  It reminded me on the days that I either sorrowed over a hardship or celebrated a milestone, the work to end sexual violence is never over.  It begins though with a very simple step: #BelieveSurvivors.  Healing begins in community.

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